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Student Kits wants to bring a consistent ordering system to universities and vocational schools to ensure that all of their students are on an equal playing field when it comes to equipment. First pairing with Wüsthof, a 200 year old industry-leading knife maker that is renowned in the culinary world, the possibility for vertical industries is limitless. Wüsthof was chosen for it's esteem among chefs, and being put into the hands of up-and-comers would undoubtedly ensure a new generation of loyal lifetime customers.


The problem: Technical schools such as culinary were often not prepared in preparing their students with equipment. Student Kits solves this problem. Each kit has the same exact items, while students get to choose the quality of their set and purchase add-ons if desired. The job was three-fold: To design and build the ordering system to be easy to use. To create a marketing system that not only explained the system to schools, but their students as well. To design and create both of these systems in a way as to easily be applied to other industries.


  • Identity
  • Website
  • Application UX/UI
  • Marketing Collateral

Logo Development

The Student Kits mark was designed to be professional and forward moving. The kit is tilted backwards slightly, as to gesture to one's arm swing while carrying one. The S and K neatly fit into the kit itself, with the ascender of the K filling the negative space to make the handle.


Website Redesign & Development

The website was designed to be both an ordering and informational system. Users can easily learn and make selections in this guided step-by-step ordering process.

Site Under Construction


Marketing Brochure

This marketing brochure's function is two-fold: To showcase the advantages of Student Kits to school administrators, as well as an ordering how-to for students. It shows step-by-step what they will recieve, and what they need to choose, with each kit.

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