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Branding brings you into the real world, and is a key touch-point for making a strong impression with both your potential and already loyal audience.


Student Kits • Marketing Brochure

This marketing brochure's function is two-fold: To showcase the advantages of Student Kits to school administrators, as well as an ordering how-to for students. It shows step-by-step what they will recieve, and what they need to choose, with each kit.


Buoy Bowls • Food Truck Wrap

The goal is to stand out. A combination of their design elements such as color, textures, and typography were used to further the Buoy Bowls branding on their food trucks. Scale was kept in mind to ensure visibility on the road. The bowls are great, the look's great, and people are asking, "Where is the purple truck?!"


Buoy Bowls • Marketing & Menu Brochure

These dual-use brochures were created to either drop off at businesses that may be interested in a scheduled appearance, or as menus for customers to take with them.


Buoy Bowls • Açaí Packaging Design

Another example of their drive and dedication, Buoy Bowls created their own line of Açaí to use on the trucks for all of the bowls they make. Keeping taste, sustainabiltiy, and fair trade in mind, they scoured the far-reaches for the best possible Açaí to make their bowls.


Wonderland • Packaging Packaging Design

The Wonderland packaging system needed to show the variety of the locations they were sourced, while also unity and cohesion when together. An artistic style from each region was used on each bar individually, but made in the same pattern to acheive these goals.


Simplí Botanicals • Packaging Design

A color system was created when designing Simplí's product line, and followed through to all other aspects of the brand. Product packaging was designed to be extremely simple, and unified through all categories: CBD Tinctures, Premium Hemp Flower, and Full Spectrum Topicals.


Waller Handmade • Marketing Card

I created a dropcard for Waller Handmade to be both taken by guests to their booths at shows, dropped off as marketing material, as well as sent with orders to signature that purchase.


E-Control Systems • Business Cards

E-Control Systems new business cards, and all other system collateral, were designed to be clean and modern with their new branding in mind.

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